Childcare Centre in Berwick

Eunoia Education

From Ancient Greek εὔνοια (eunoia), meaning “beautiful thinking”, literally “well-mindedness”.


At Eunoia, we believe that all children deserve an engaging and rounded early education that supports all developmental areas, but also develops the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to flourish in life, learning and work.

Child care Berwick eunoia
Child care Berwick Eunoia

Our environment

Our centre is family owned and operated, we foster an home environment that is both comfortable and nurturing. Our childcare is inviting, homely and cosy, and each child will be known individually by every staff member.

We are conveniently located just opposite Berwick Fields Primary School.

Our Manager

Our Centre Manager has extensive experience in and is incredibly knowledgeable about Early Childhood development, both overseas and in Australia. We select those aspects of various theoretical approaches that pertain most to children’s development (Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori) and apply them in Eunoia environment. 

Our Team

We believe in ongoing learning for staff and team members as well as for children. Our childcare centre will provide regular internal and external professional development for staff members. Their pedagogical skills will be continuously reinforced and strengthen in order to foster children’s strengths and interests to plan activities and experiences to support their holistic development and sense of agency.

Multicultural Learning

Most of our staff members speak two or three languages – the most popular languages of City of Casey. Multiculturally-competent staff will be able to support parents from various backgrounds and build partnerships to develop secure, trusted and respectful relationships with our families and the wider local community.

Healthy food

We provide healthy, nutritious and nourishing food every day and consider it a fundamental basis not only for successful children’s development, but also for their learning and engagement with our programs as well.