Childcare Berwick

Toddler 1

In our Toddler 1 (12-24 months) room we provide continuity of care with one educator to every four children, being flexible with our routines to best replicate the home environment. Our youngest children will have the opportunity to explore both our indoor and outdoor spaces to discover through sensory play and age-appropriate experiences. To create a floor level art space for the children, we have sourced easels that allow for children to have freedom of choice. The easels have magnetic whiteboards, blackboards and space for paper, as well as internal and external surfaces for the children to explore and express themselves. 

We believe that play provides children with a chance to practise what they are learning and we are here to support your child as they continue to develop their skills and reach their next milestone… and beyond!

Our kitchen will also work with families to ensure that meals are in line with foods introduced at home be it through traditional or baby-led weaning approach

Childcare Berwick Toddler 1 facilities

Toddler 2

Our Toddler 2 children (2-3 years) will love exploring their spacious room and outdoor space, having the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a range of experiences. We will work to foster independence and confidence through resources being provided at the child’s level and provide ample opportunity to encourage self-help skills. This environment is one for our under 3’s, seeing an educator to child ratio of 1:4.  Our wet weather overalls will allow for children to be a part of all-weather play in our natural outdoor environment. 

Childcare Berwick Toddler 2 facilities

Our outdoor spaces will be set up as a continuation of our indoor programs to allow for children to explore as they learn, grow and develop through play. 

Families will have the opportunity to work with our educators to set goals for their children in regards to their progress and development. This will allow us to continue to be a part of your child’s network and ensure a collaborative approach is maintained as we strive to provide the best care.  


Our pre-kinder program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, using the 100 languages of a child to encourage communication in all its forms. Children will be encouraged to express themselves in any way they see fit as they fully immerse themselves in our environment. 

Childcare Berwick Baby facilities Pre Kinder

The holistic development of each individual child will be encouraged by programs such as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths).  As part of our STEAM program, children will have access to amazing light tables which are a resource with endless opportunity. We cannot wait to see what your child does with these as they allow us an insight in to their mind. Drawing on another philosopher, Maria Montessori, the group will consistently be encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings and hygiene, as well as daily self-help tasks such as clearing up after meals and serving their own food.


Our kindergarten program will also be drawing upon the Reggio Emilia approach seeing the environment as a third teacher. Investigative tasks in both our indoor and outdoor environments will serve as a discovery tool. The ability to engage with our outdoor spaces will be enhanced by the provision of wet weather overalls to all children in our day-care. These will be available daily to allow children to be outdoors, where germs are spread slower! The children will be able to choose to be a part of our regular STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) program experiences such as cooking, box play and various experiments.

There will be sample resources available for every child to continue to develop their literacy skills and confidence, such as reading, story stones, puppet shows and, of course, music and movement! 

Childcare Berwick facilities

Our cube shaped easels are a much-loved resource in this room, providing access to express oneself through artworks with paper, chalkboards and whiteboards. As children can access these from both the internal and external surfaces, they can work quietly and independently or as part of collaborative pieces.  Sustainable practise will be embedded in our daycare life at Eunoia. The children will share responsibility for our stick insect, gardens and worm farm project. The group will be able to collaborate to establish and maintain our garden spaces, which will see them assisting to grow vegetables for their own meal times and more!