Our Curriculum


Eunoia education is proud to offer our Whole Education and Care Curriculum, ‘Multiple Theorist Environment and Programme’ and STEM Education to children, families, educators and community. Eunoia believes that by providing an a reflective, whole, child centred curriculum, we are ensuring that we are able to provide an inclusive curriculum for all children aged from 0 to 6 years.

Whole Education & Care Curriculum

Whole Education ensures that Urie Bronfrenbrenners ecological system is implemented when creating and implementing education and skills to children and their family as well as ensuring that multiple aspects from varying educational theorists are included to promote a wholesome education environment.

Urie Bronfrenbrenners ecological system includes 4 in-depth systems; the Microsystem, Mesosytem, Exosystem and the Macrosystem.

Within the each area each child’s home, family, school, peers, religion, culture, neighbourhood, community and overarching beliefs and values are influenced and shape a the child’s development.