Government-Funded 3 and 4-year-old Kindergarten Program:


Two years of quality early childhood education is shown to have more impact than 1 year and can lift children’s outcomes across all aspects of learning.

Attending kindergarten improves children’s health and wellbeing, helps them to develop strong social skills and encourages a love of learning.

Eunoia Education offers kindergarten program in a long day care setting, operating 5 days a week throughout the year, including all term breaks. 

Our Kindergarten Program is delivered by the VIT registered Early Childhood Teachers.


Children LEARN to build positive connections with peers, educators and the community.

Our program promotes strengthening children’s social and other important skills crucial to lifelong learning.


Children are encouraged to EXPRESS their ideas, feelings and understandings through creative arts such as drawing, painting, drama, music and movement. 


Children continue to BUILD language and communication skills through story-time, conversations and responsive engagements with educators and peers. 


Our program has a strong focus on DEVELOPING children’s literacy, early writing and numeracy skills. Our environment plays a huge part in our program – we provide a literacy and numeracy-enriched settings as well as promote child-led learning and intentional teaching.