About Eunoia Education


We believe that all children deserve an engaging and rounded education that supports all developmental areas, but also develops the skills, knowledge and qualities needed to flourish in life, learning and work.

Founded in 2017 by early childhood educators and industry experts, Eunoia Education was built to provide ongoing quality education, care and support and growth to all children, families, educators and staff, community members and all stakeholders within the Eunoia family.

Eunoia’s structure was created and built to ensure that all within each centre were heard; family values, input, experience, culture and religion is important to us at Eunoia. Each Service has adaptable policies and procedure to ensure that all within each independent service are just that- independent and unique.

We are often told that children are all different, develop at different stages and that comparing is not advisable. We aim to ensure that our adaptable policies and procedures work with our families, children, educators and community alike to ensure the best outcome for all.

Eunoia aims to continue to improve the quality of care and education through their educators, support staff and management staff by ensuring best practice and compliance (regulatory requirements) as well as providing our educators professional development, education and support to further the care and education within each independence service.